I've had some major changes lately and I'm on a search for tranquility. I need my happy place. Where is your happy place? Since my relationship went kaplooey this April I've had to get past the loss and change how I do things. He left a big hole in my world, I didn't know how to fill that space but after much thought and prayer and upset I've decided I have to be more involved in my own life and slowly that hole may close up. I've allowed myself to feel bad when it hits me, truthfully I still miss him, but then I do not wallow. And then after feeling the pain, I move on. I started walking a few weeks ago and in only 1 week it made a big difference in my life. Our bodies are truly amazing. I have  worked up to walking 1.2 miles in about 27 minutes and it really makes me feel good. I was having some pain going down my leg and calf and it was making me limp. After 1 week I woke up feeling stronger and the limp is gone. I got a nice blister on the back on my foot, but I protected it and kept walking and it's OK now. I'm so grateful to a new friend who told me about the walking trail because it's perfect for me. It's 4.7 miles long in total and it was railroad tracks that they paved over. It's beautifully landscaped, it's not far from the house, it's safe, flat and marks ever tenth of a mile so you know how far you went. 

I've found a new local yarn store, The Yarn Garden, and I just love it. She has a beautiful array of yarn and I was welcomed in automatically. I now go meet with them on Saturday mornings and for the Tuesday knit night where we also have a potluck. The ladies in the group are just lovely. 

I've been doing lots of knitting. I hope to show you some pics soon.


I am a huge proponent of walking. When I am unable to walk, it really affects my mood and emotional health.

I think you are handling things in a very healthy way.



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