I have a FO. It's the Summer Mystery Shawlette KAL by Wendy Knits. It started in the middle of May and she gave us Clue's every week or so. The first clue was the cast on and two garter rows, the next clue was 12 rows, same with the next clue, the following clue was a 3 repeat of 24 rows and the final clue was 20 rows. I loved how this KAL was arranged and I enjoyed knitting this very much. For once I anxiously got the clue and knit it right away so the only downside was that I had to wait for the next clue. 
I really like the yarn in this shawl but while knitting I was not sure I liked this yarn for the pattern. I was wondering if the yarn was too variegated for the knit lace pattern but several of my knit friends really like it and thought it would be perfect in this yarn. When I soaked and blocked the shawl and then had it pinned like in the picture above, then I knew I love it. The lace pattern shows fine and I really love it now!

I was reading my 365 Tao Daily Meditations today and it was talking about Spectrum and color and it reminded me of all the lovely colors in this yarn I just used. My meditation has a lovely quote.

Pure light is all colors.
Therefore, it has no hue.
Only when singleness is scattered 
Does color appear.

Perhaps this is part of why I enjoy knitting so much. I bought the skein of yarn originally because I fell in love with the colors. The girls mentioned that it looked like easter eggs. To me it reminded me of a painting by Monet. This one:

This is called Sea Roses and that's the painting I was thinking of when I saw that skein. So perhaps I need to change the name of my shawl!

I started juicing today because I've been plaqued with migraines for about a week since right after my monthly. It seems that when I juice and really try to take care of myself I feel better. I'm also going to make it a goal to have feverfew tea daily for 30 days because it has been awhile since I did that and it's time to do it again. I'm greatful that this herb, it was actually a godsend when I first tried this 30 day remedy because the migraines just disappeared. The bad part, the tea tastes like ass! It's just not pleasant and it gets really green and bitter if you let it stand for a while. I'll add some agave for sweetness and drink as fast as I can. The juice I made today had 3 stalks of kale, 2 carrots, about a 2 inch piece of ginger, 1 red beet, 1 apple, 1/2 small lemon. It was really beety I'm sure beety isn't a word, but you get my drift. I enjoyed it overall. 

I've started walking too. I have a goal of walking for at least 20 minutes 3 x a week and I've been making my goal, I even went once with a migraine hoping it would help but it didn't. I'm walking just over a mile now and I'm thrilled. I just want to keep it up, keep improving how long and how far I walk. Just getting out there is a big deal for me. After one week of walking I could tell my body was stronger, I walked more sturdy and the pain I had going down my left leg and making me limp has gone away. Still having some pain, now I have a bad pain in my groin and top of leg. But I'll just keep moving and I think as I get in better shape and lose the weight things will correct themselves. That's my hope anyway.

Your shawl looks wonderful! I'm inspired to go work on mine some more--I'm only partway through the first repeat of Clue 3, but since the stitch count shrinks each row it's getting easier!
For your tea, try drinking it over ice. I've found that I can tolerate some things much better when they're icy cold than when they're hot!


I totally agree that the shawl/yarn/color looks like a Monet painting (I love Monet.)

I notice a huge difference in how I feel when I take care of myself. I get really bad headaches (I'm not sure they are migraines)...especially when my diet is crap. Usually walking helps my headaches.


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